Students set sail on the tall ship 'The Maybe'

Crew June 2016

Crew June 2016

Students set sail on the tall ship 'The Maybe'

The voyage will be filmed by a professional film crew in order to capture this adventure on film for future fundraising events.

St. Bede’s & St. Joseph’s 2016 – Sail Training Crew: Marco Bartusiak, Kamil Dyrda, Evi Ingange, Aatteeqa Karim, Tasneem Karim, Joshua Reeves, Mariam Tamas, Dawid Urbanek, Marek Zaczkowski.

The students will be learning the theory of tall ship sailing as well as practical skills by sailing the ship and will be awarded with the Royal Yacht Association Competent Crew Certificate. Part of the challenge will be to learn to play a musical instrument (penny whistle – current day value £6.98!!!) and perform the folk music of the British Isles and Ireland! Dolphin and seal watches will be interspersed with night anchor watches, sea chart reading, sea survival skills and knot tying.

The students will also have to cook every meal for 8 days for themselves and the crew and they also have to keep their cabins and every shared space both above and below deck ship-shape! Cleaning duties include keeping the galley (kitchen) and heads (toilets) spotless as well as polishing all the ships brasses and folding the sails.

The students attending have all taken part in bag packing days at Wm. Morrison’s, Girlington, Bradford who have supported the school to make this a fully sponsored trip.

The students will take to the sea on board Tall Ship Maybe from Fort William and travel across Loch Ness along the Caledonian Canal to Inverness before sailing out into the Moray Firth and the North Sea as they deliver the tall ship to Hull and the start of the 2016 Tall Ships Race that goes from Hull to Antwerp.  This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to be actively involved and learn how to sail a traditional tall ship whilst gaining skills in team work, communication and leadership helping them develop their character and personalities as they improve their overall wellbeing by taking part in a real life adventure on the open ocean.

They will attend Sunday Mass in Polish at St. Mary’s Inverness and also visit Inverness Masjid Mosque at the breaking of the Ramadan fast on Sunday evening to enjoy refreshments and prayer with the local Muslim community.

Right Choice Academy’s ( first sail training voyage on the tall ship ‘The Maybe’ ( is underway on their 2016 sail to Scotland. With many thanks to the ‘@Yorkshire Property’ Charitable Trust we have fully funded places for 9 students.

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