Staff v Students Annual Rounders Match

Staff v Students Rounders

The annual staff V student rounders kicked off on Friday lunchtime with both staff and students confident of a win.  The staff team felt they had the edge as they had won the last 2 years against year 11 students, however this confidence was short lived as Miss Stone batted first and was caught out.  The year 11 fielding skills were fantastic and staff were struggling to get round safely.  As the staff team dwindled nerves set in until Mrs Beswick hit it out of the park and got our first rounder.  This was the inspiration we needed as Miss Devanny and Mr Murray then scored ½ rounder each. 

It was now time for the year 11 students to bat.  With the crowd cheering them on, they managed to get most students round safely, some dodgy umpiring decisions gave them points from no balls and kept a few students in the game after some fantastic catches. However, experience prevailed as the strong fielding from the staff prevented a lot of points from being scored.  As the final innings approached the scores were close. 

The staff turned out again to bat and soon got into the swing of things and were able to get more points on the board, however the year 11 fielding was taking some beating, it was a sprint to 1st base if you hit it, Mr Toronczak was determined to stay in so much so he managed to floor Sarah Walton, but at least he was in.  The determination was also evident with Mr Wright who flew to first so fast he hit the deck! 

Year 11 stepped up for the last time to bat, the staff team knowing they had to keep the scoring to a minimum as there wasn’t much in it.  Students who didn’t hit the ball became victim to the dream team Mr Walsh and Mr Oldcorn backstop/first base combo, those that did manage to hit the ball struggled to get points due to the on point fielding from staff, it was a perfect display of athletic prowess.  

The final score Staff 8 students 5. Well done to everyone for taking part, Students better luck next year!
Match report by

Heather Stone
PE Teacher/ Primary Link, Progress Leader Y8