Year 9 Girls Retreat to Ampleforth Abbey

Year 9 Girls at Ampleforth Abby

Year 9 girls visit Ampleforth Abbey for a 48 hour retreat. The retreat was led by Fr Bede, a monk at Ampleforth who has long standing connections to our school.  The girls had a fabulous time learning more about the lives of the monks, exploring deeper questions they had about faith and building friendships. They were a credit to their families and our school.

Fr Bede commented on how impressed he was with the depth of the questions they asked him - questions he would have expected of Sixth Form students not Year 9! Here are some of their questions for you to ponder on.....

 - Has there ever been a time when you didn’t think God was on your side?
 - is there anything you could not forgive or anyone you could not pray for?
 - What more could we do to help refugees?

Report by R Brooks