Solutions for the planet Semi-finalist winners

Solutions for the planet simis
Hydro-lock team - Katrina Gibson, Alyx Purcell, Kalen Oztopal, Leah Booth, Amy Wilkinson and Eva Zacharzuk. 

Hydro-lock team - Katrina Gibson, Alyx Purcell, Kalen Oztopal, Leah Booth, Amy Wilkinson and Eva Zacharzuk. 

This year we were lucky to have three teams put forward to the Semi Finals of 'Solutions for the Planet'. This is a competition for school to enter and put forward their ideas on how to solve the current problems our planet is facing. Solving big challenges needs Big Ideas.

First place went to our very own Hydro-lock- team

Their big idea was to create a soil that can retain more water.  This would be done by adding Sodium Polyacrylate (the crystals from nappies) into normal soil.  The Sodium Polyacrylate will not let the water evaporate meaning less water needs to be added to the soil.  Their product would be named “Hydro-lock, the super soil”.

The aim is to sell locally and ask people to make charitable donations to foreign countries were drought is a major issue.  Hydro-lock will be one of 11 schools to attend the finals at the Palace of Westminster on Monday 11th July.

Third place was our Airflo team

Leon Kowal, Sam Chewins, Ibrahim Naseem, Tom Doyle, James Nyallay, Joseph Nhandara and Yenuka Anarwat.

Airflos idea was that of an advanced, more efficient catalytic converter. The plan was to create a machine that took in carbon dioxide, cleaned it up and released oxygen into the air whilst using the carbon saved for something useful such as energy or pencil lead.   Their idea had 2 components, one which attached to a car and the other was to be placed at the side of the roads to take in the extra carbon dioxide.  

Our third team Cyctricity
Raheem Abbas, Kris Hellmich-Turner, Andrew Mehrem, Jack Walker and Shiv Bhatoa.

Cytricity group tried to develop a bike which generated electricity and also reduces weight.  The owner would pedal to create electricity which would be stored in a large battery to use around the home.  This could also be used to immediately charge a phone or tablet.  Cytricity got outstanding feedback. Unfortunately They did not get through to the finals, however theywere offered a program which would invest £500 into their business plan.  They have entered this and are now waiting to find out if they have been successful.