Rounders Runners Up 2016

In the finals of Bradford Schools Rounder’s our girls did us proud.  It was a glorious night for a change and everyone was both nervous and excited.

Their first match was against Ilkley and the girls were really anxious  but gave it their best.  The final score was Ilkely 8.5, SBSJ 2.

In the next game against BGGS the girls pulled out all the stops and played a fantastic game,  having relaxed and got their focus.  The score was BGGS 3.5 and SBSJ 7.

This put SBSJ as runners up for 2016.  An outstanding achievement. The girls were a credit to the school and a lovely evening was had by all.  Well done girls. 

The Team: Frances Parker, Tegan Saddler, Katie Hookes, Ingrid Nyarumwe, Kaitlyn Rona, Katie Patterson, Frances Cana, Celine Rastullo, Kelsey Finan, Kim Kimar.

runners up rounders team