Solution for the planet finalists

After months of hard work, 6 students had reached the National Finals of Solutions for the Planet. Their idea was to use Sodium Polycrylate crystals (usually found in nappies) to hold water in soil to help plants to grow better.  The students were asked to create a 5 minute presentation and then be prepared to answer questions. 

They students did a fantastic job at presenting their big idea in front of 6 judges which included staff from National businesses such as IGEM and Tarmac.  Our local MP Naz Shah was able to come and watch our presentation which was a huge boost to the group.  Overall the students finished 4th which is an outstanding achievement as there were over 600 ideas to start with.


They had a fantastic time and they even got to see the sights of London.  Well done to Leah Booth, Kalen Oztopal, Katrina Gibson, Amy Wilkinson, Alyx Purcell and Eva Zacharczuk