All Aboard the Maybe


St. Bede’s & St. Joseph’s 2016, sailing residential aboard the Dutch gaff ketch tall ship ‘The Maybe’ was an incredible journey in both geographic as well as in personal terms for all those involved:  
Staff: Tony Walker, Claire Maslen

Sail trainees:

  • Marco Bartusiak
  • Alessio Ciuccio
  • Evi Ingange
  • Dyrda Kamil
  • Aatteeqa Karim
  • Tasneem Karim
  • Dawid Urbanek
  • Marek Zaczkowski
  • Joshua Reeves

The adventure began in Fort William, Scotland, then continued along the Caledonian Canal, Via Neptune’s Staircase, that is an incredible multi-lock system to Fort Augustus. From Fort Augustus ‘The Maybe’ and crew sailed across Loch Ness along the Caledonian Canal to Inverness and into the Moray Firth. Passing Lossiemouth and out into the North Sea and gale force 7 conditions, heading east to Fraserburgh. Before turning south towards Peterhead.

From Peterhead as ‘The Maybe’ was buffeted by the sea in increasingly choppy conditions with northerly winds reaching gale force 8, the students carried out a 3 hour watch system to ensure the safe sailing of the ship towards Balmedie and Aberdeen. From Aberdeen the voyage continued to Montrose out of sight of any landfall and the waves got higher as we passed the River Eden and St. Andrews in Fife.

From St. Andrews we followed the coast passing Crail to Berwick-upon-Tweed. During the night watch we passed Lindisfarne island travelling due south. Passing Hartlepool we headed towards Yorkshire just as dawn was approaching.


As we approached Whitby we saw a light coming from the Abbey on top of the East Cliffs. From Whitby it was plain sailing as the weather improved and we headed for the Humber.

By mid-morning after four days continuous sailing we entered the River Humber again in worsening conditions before passing through the Humber harbour lock gates and the sanctuary of Humber marina.               

Sail training aims to provide young people with an unforgettable experience where they can develop life skills and have FUN! Sail training aims to encourage learning and to facilitate a relationship with the sea as well as developing self-awareness, leadership and a sense of community whilst aboard.

During next year’s Easter holiday we are taking 24 students sailing to Vigo in Spain, to sail around the Atlantic Islands and visit marine conservation areas.

Any students 15 years old and would like to experience tall ship sailing for yourself please contact Mr T Walker.