Last fixture for our Year 9 Cricket Team

Our Year 9 team played their last fixture of the year at home to Dixon's Kings Academy. After another week of rain, the game was played with a windball on the improving Ardor wicket. SBSJ bowled first with Azamullah and Amaan getting early consistency. Excellent fielding and well-timed wickets kept the opposition to a reasonable 78 from 16 overs.

It was SBSJ's turn to bat, with Hassan Javid looking very comfortable against the early pace bowlers. However, a series of wickets tumbled after Javid was caught nicking one down the leg side. It was the temptation to hit boundaries that became a problem for our boys. A few overly ambitious swings of the bat resulted in an all-out score, 20 runs short.

A good game though on one of the few sunny evenings this summer!
Well done to the boys involved.

y9 cricket team