Catholic Schools Sports Partnership Football Tournament

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On a sunny Saturday morning, 8 teams gathered together to represent their primary school in the annual Catholic 5 a-side tournament.

This historic tournament turned out to just as exciting if not more than the previous year's, with many nail biting moments along the way. St Joseph’s Bingley, St Anthony's Shipley, St Joseph’s Bradford, St Anthony's Clayton, St Francis, St Mary’s & St Peter’s, St John the Evangelist and St Matthew’s primary schools all taking part.

Under 9's

The Under 9’s competition got underway with 7 schools set to play each other.  The league was very close with most teams either drawing their games or winning by a single goal.  Which meant that when the final was announced there was only 8 points between 1st and 7th place.           

The Final
The final was to be between St Francis and St Mary’s and St Peter’s. St Francis who had won 4, drawn 1, and lost 1 and St Mary’s and St Peter’s had won 3, drawn 2 and lost 1.  The final kicked off with the on lookers crowding the side lines which made for an exciting atmosphere. The game was close; going from end to end, with shots being fired left right and centre. Both keepers, to their credit, kept their cool and remained strong.  Rumours of penalties started to circulate as the minutes ticked by. The rumours turned out to be true as the final whistle went and the score remained 0-0.  Both strikers were on form and it came down to the last shot, if St Francis saved it they would have won, if St Mary’s and St Peter’s scored it would go to sudden death.  The penalty was saved, giving St Francis the victory 4-3.    
Well done to all students who took part.

Under 11's 

The Under 11’s were also going to be playing against each other this year.  All teams started strong with some very good team performances and strong goal keeping skills.  The final was to be St Joseph’s, Bingley v St Anthony’s Shipley.

Both of our finalists had got through by winning 5 of their games and drawing 2 so they were well matched. 

The Final  
The final kicked off with St Joseph’s conceding an early penalty which was easily slotted in the back of the net by the St Anthony’s striker.  St Joseph’s battled hard and managed to find the back of the net themselves half way through the game.  With 5 minutes left of the game, both teams were working hard to try and score. With some shots going wide the tension on the side lines was at fever pitch.  With the clock dwindling parents fingernails were starting to disappear. For the second time that day penalties would decide the outcome of the tournament with the final score being 1-1.  Just like the U9’s, it was down to the last shot to decide. A superb save by the keeper meant that St Joseph’s had won 4-3. 

Well done to all students who took part and a huge thank you to all primary staff and parents for supporting the tournament and bringing the students on a Saturday morning.  An even bigger thank you to the 6th form students who refereed the games and the year 8 students who collected the scores.  I am sure some teams will be preparing for next years tournament already!