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Former Great Britain Rugby League star Paul Broadbent visited SBSJ this week to work with three different groups of students. Paul works with young people on raising aspirations and highlighting the importance of reliability and likeability in being successful. The sessions started with a practical; based around teamwork and communication. The students were able to identify the importance of being reliable and focussed when working as a group. The second part of the session involved Paul showing students photos and videos relating to his childhood and sports career. He highlighted the fact that it was his commitment and dedication that propelled him to the top of the Rugby League game; lifting the Challenge Cup at Wembley. Paul tells some engaging stories, such as how it took a near death experience to change his attitude toward school. He consciously went from being someone who tended to get in a lot of trouble, and worked towards being likeable and dependable.

He tells of when his friends were out ‘hanging around on street corners’ he would be training in the gym, and when his friends were still in bed on a weekend, he would be out doing sprint training in the park. It was this dedication and willingness to work hard that made him successful, rather than any natural talent he might have had.

Our students were left with a signed photograph and a clear message; ‘what you do today, moulds you into the person you are tomorrow’.