St Benedict's students help the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

helping the homeless

On Thursday 22 December, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal gave their annual Christmas Dinner for Bradford people who are homeless or who in need of help.

Because there were so many people to be fed, the Christmas Dinner was organised in three sittings; meaning that some people had to wait in the cold and wet conditions for several hours. It was into this situation that some of our Y12 and Y13 students reached out, to give their help.

Working in the Friars garage, they set up a café which provided hot drinks for the people in the queue which helped to alleviate the cold.

Hot drinks, together with festive music and some kind words brought a smile to the faces of those who waited to eat.

Once fed, each guest received a ‘present’ which included a chocolate Selection Box which had been donated by students at SBSJ.

One of the Friars, Brother Benedict John said the work by our students looking after those who waited to eat, was ‘just what they needed’ and he thanked them for their efforts in the cold.

May I also say thank you to the students of Y12 and Y13 who gave up their holiday time and also to Mrs Mahmood to came to help.

Report by Chris Copley (Lay Chaplain)