Ylleanah meets the Lord Mayor of Bradford

group winners
Lord Mayor with Ylleanah

Ylleanah Jinson Y9has won the Lord Mayor of Bradford Christmas Card competition 2016. Ylleanah along with her parents were invited to meet the Lord Mayor, Cllr Geoff Reid and his wife, Lady Mayoress Chris Reid on 6 January 2017 at Town Hall for a celebration tea party where she was presented with the certificate. There were the runner's up with their respective school representatives present along with Tony Bullock, Arts Coordinator from Music&Art Department of Children Services, and Michael Jameson, Children's Services Director.

The director of Young Masters Visual Art School Virginiaja Knowles had this to say about Ylleanah. "Ylleanah has been attending Young Masters Visual Art School since October 2015. During this time, we found her honest, hard working and dedicated to visual arts. We are honoured to have such beautiful and talented young lady in our school".

For more information about the Young Masters Visual Art School and what they do can be found on their website: www.idleartstudio.com