2017 Changes to the School Bus Service

We have received the following information from Metro School Bus Service

The School Bus Service for the West Yorkshire Combined Authority has contacted the school to advise us of some changes to our school services from January 2017.

  •  The A17 Service will be renumbered to the B17. The route and times will remain exactly the same.
  • In addition to the renumbering of this service, Operators own tickets (i.e. FirstBus Day and Weekly Riders) will no longer be valid on the following services:

B1       B2       B4       B5       B6       B7       B8       B12     B14     B15     B17 (previously A17) 
B18     B22     B23     B25 

MCard and MetroCard passes continue to be valid on all these services. This decision is beyond the control of the school and affects all school services in Bradford. It is due to a change in the way the services are contracted.  The school has been asked to make students and parents aware of these changes. The Education Transport team at Metro will also be sending out reminders using the @metrogenm Twitter feed and the generationM Facebook page and details can be found on the schools transport website at www.generationm.co.uk.

Details of how and where to buy MCard and MetroCard passes can be found at: http://www.m-card.co.uk/get-mcard/schoolplus/  

Metro has also informed us that many of the fare paying children do not have an Under 16 or 16-18 Photocard and, on this basis, they should be paying the adult fare. This again will be strictly enforced from 3rd January 2017. You can find information on how to apply for an Under 16 Photocard here on the Metro Website. 

In summary:

  • The A17 will be renumbered as the B17 from January

  • Metro has changed the way that school services are contracted and informed us that FirstDay and FirstWeek passes will not be valid from January

  • Weekly and Monthly MetroCards can be purchased and used on all services

  • Students without an U16 or U16-18 Photocard will be charged full fare from January

  • Students can still pay a fare as they board