Ju-Jitsu Classes at SBSJ

The British Ju-Jitsu National Championships were held in April this year and Onna Ju-Jitsu Club came away with eight medals (three Gold, two Silver and three Bronze) with women sitting firmly at the top of those accolades.

Mrs Khan

One of the worthy medalists was Jabila Khan, who won gold in the continuous fighting category. Jabila is a teacher at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College. She has been doing Ju-Jitsu for around twelve years. The 43-year-old teacher explains that she had always wanted to take on a martial art but finding one that fitted around her hectic lifestyle and family commitments was quite hard. She told Asian Sunday that there was also a fear of what her family and people think. However, when her son started Ju-Jitsu a few years later, she said she couldn’t stop herself and thought she couldn’t spend the rest of her life thinking about what other people would say and think.

Jabila said: “I worked and lived for my family and this was something just for me. I feel I can be myself openly when I am training and I felt good. Watching me train motivated my daughter who is now 14 years old to also start training. She is so committed and dedicated now to Ju-Jitsu that she gets quite upset if she has to miss any sessions for any reason.

“This year in my second attempt at competing at the nationals I achieved a gold medal which I was completely over the moon about. All that hard work had paid off.

ju jitsu.png

“Working with Sensei Mumtaz has taught me so much but most of all she has helped me believe in myself and due to this my confidence has grown so much. She is truly an inspiration and a role

Currently Mrs Khan is running Ju-Jitsu classes twice a week across Ignis (Friday 3:30-5pm) and Ardor (Tuesday 3:30-5pm). Both classes are very popular with both girls and boys across all ages where they follow a syllabus so they can move up the ranks grading 3 times a year. Students are also trained and coached for Local and national competitions - the next club competition will be taking place on November the 4th at Zara Sports Centre off Bingley Road with some of our own students competing. Spectators are welcome to attend and support. We are also looking forward to the next club grading event on the 16th of December where around 50 students will be grading.

If any one is interested in joining the Onna Ju-Jitsu squad then please contact Mrs Khan jkhan@sbsj.co.uk.

The above article was feature in the Asian Sunday News.