Students come to the aid of Dominica


Following recent news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria on the small island of Dominica,  our students were quick to want to help. They set to and soon came up with ways to raise much needed funds to send to the island. Many of the Dominican people came to Bradford in the 1960s and as a consequence we have many children at our school who have Dominican ancestry- there is the Dominican Association near St Patrick’s in town and also the Felix Credit Union which is also run by that community.

7D Bake Sale

7D Bake Sale

Form 7D decided on a bake sale (always a hit with the staff) and thanks to cakes made by Amber and Parantha made by Zaki's mum the managed to raise £15. Another big hit was the indoor basketball competition between teams in years 7-9.

The final total came to £540 for the appeal!