SBSJ U14 Netball Team, League Winners 2017


Last night saw our Year 9 netball team play their final matches in the league. They were prepared for some tough games against BBG and Dixon’s Trinity and they were clearly nervous. 

Their first match was against BBG and both sides were noticeably anxious, playing too quick and making mistakes. However, our girls settled more quickly and soon took the lead in a game where there were some excellent skills shown. Naomie Soda played very well at centre in the first half and then Kyaia White took over and continued the great play. The girls won 11 – 3  


The next game against Trinity was another fantastic game, both sides showing excellent play. Ella Cana was on fire with her shooting making some very difficult shots in terrible light conditions. The eventual score was SBSJ 7 – 1 Trinity. 

This makes our girls the U14 league winners for 2017! 

Also, a massive thank you to Coach Frances Parker for coming to help and support the girls towards their success over the last 2 weeks. Much appreciated!
Report by Miss Backshall