Fundraising for CAFOD

Our students have been having fun fundraising for CAFOD. Firstly we had our year 8 Sports Ambassadors organise and run a year 7 Form Dodgeball Tournament over a number of lunch times.

The competition was well-received by the Year 7 students, who enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and fulfil their Olympia and Ecclesia strands of the diploma for this half term.

After the first rounds, the final was between forms B, D and G. And G’s numerical advantage certainly helped them to overcome B in their first game. However, it was one win for each team, which meant that the competition was a draw and the trophy Is shared among the three forms.

Students had to donate 20p per person to take part in the competition, with all money going to CAFOD.

The competition raised £28.56.

7E decided that they wanted something different to raising money for CAFOD and embarked on organising a sponge throwing event.  Always a winner when there are good sports willing to take the plunge and get wet! Many thanks to Mr Walsh and  Miss Dundas.      .
7E raised £35