The BUCS Girl Can Week - Water Polo

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In partnership with This Girl Can, BUCS (the governing body for university sport) have been running a 'This BUCS Girl Can' week to help promote participation in sport for girls. St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College were invited by The University of Manchester to come and take part in the Water Polo session they were running, which was held at the Manchester Aquatic Centre on Wednesday 22nd November.

SBSJ Girls

SBSJ practically took over the event with 39 girls opting to go to Manchester to take part. The event consisted of 3 sessions in the water which were an hour long each and split into age groups. Most of our girls were able to do more than 1 session due to their ability and once the girls finished their water sessions they went up to the stands to have chats and complete tasks set by the organisers. The sessions were led by players/coaches of The University of Manchester and Manchester Met, which was really well led with all our girls being really engaged and all seemed to have a smile on their face.

Well done to all the girls involved, they represented the school fantastically well and all the players/coaches running the event were really impressed with their attitude and enthusiasm throughout the afternoon/evening. This was a brilliant opportunity for our girls as many of the players/coaches running the event compete at a very high level and one of the coaches played in the 2012 London Olympics.

girls in the pool

Girls who represented the school: 
Year 12: Lauren Dixon, Matilda King, Harriet Walker
Year 10: Amy Alinson, Eve Nutter, Olivia Richards, Lizzy Harrison, Charlotte Groom, Ylleanah Jinson
Year 9: Tamara Markey, Niamh Dolan-Baines, Sara Steinberg, Lydia King, Eva Krywyszyn, Ameila Fullerton, Eleanor Grogan, Emily Taylor
Year 8: Abby Rowe, Alex Rowe, Lucy Hinchcliffe, Estelle George, Molly Sladen, Scarlett Eyre, Chloe Rai, Emilia Overend
Year 7: Ava Chambers, Ellie Castleden, Gabrielle Parker, Eleanor Warden, Lilly Pryce, Ameila Brooksbank, Julia Szadkowska, Oliwia Kurowska, Jessica Fullerton, Kenadie Grogan, Hollie Smith, Sienna Harrop, Luara Svilane, Amber Parrington

Thank you girls from a very proud coach!
Mr M Wright