Students meet Film Composer and CAFOD Ambassador

Benson Taylor

Benson Taylor, composer of The Big Bang Theory, Orange is the New Black and London Fields visited SBSJ to work with Music students on a range of topics including Approaches to Composition, How to Make it in the Music Industry and his work as an Ambassador for CAFOD. Benson is a practicing Catholic born and bred in Bradford who now splits his time between Yorkshire and working for Hollywood with actors such as Johnny Depp. Benson was working in his local Morrisons at 16 and creating music from home in his teenage years when his music was picked up by Sarah Brightman. Since then his career has flourished working on programmes such as Greys Anatomy and Breaking Bad. In 2014 he won the award for Best Original Music for his score to Fear Of Water at the 2014 Monaco International Film Festival.  

“Benson is a terrific role model as a Catholic Bradfordian who had great aspirations and worked hard to achieve his dreams.  During the visit to SBSJ Benson commented that he was really impressed with the astute questioning by our students and that in some cases this was at a higher level than some University students.” Mrs Ross-Shaw, Head of Music.  “We’re really excited about working with Benson and look forward to working closely with him in the future.”

This is what the students had to say:

"Meeting Benson Taylor was very inspiring. I learned a lot about how to make my composition more interesting and unique. He was very passionate about what he does and made me understand how complex Music can be."
"The visit was very enlightening about how to stand out in composition (being original, doing something unexpected). He gave some good advice on compositional techniques and overall was a cool dude."