SPARK Sportshall Athletics Tournament

The second Catholic Primary School (SPARK) competition of the year took place on Tuesday 5th December at the Ardor sports hall. The Sportshall Athletics Tournament attracted ten of our Catholic primary feeder schools, in what was a hugely successful afternoon. Sportshall Athletics is a widely recognised format of events that include triple jump, vertical jump, target throw, hurdles, chest push, long jump, balance, shuttle run and javelin. A mixture of Yr11, 12 and 13 students helped run the events; they acted with maturity and professionalism to ensure the events ran smoothly.

It was a very quiet atmosphere in the sportshall as the Yr5/6 students focused on trying to do their best in the individual events. There were some fantastic performances and students demonstrated excellent attitudes. Each event had a short presentation for the winners, but the main prize was the trophy for the best performing school. It was a very closely fought contest; St Walburgas getting six 1st places out of a
possible twenty, St Columbas five out of twenty and St Mary's and St Peter's four out of twenty.

And so it all came down to the relay races - a test of speed and teamwork! The atmosphere changed in an instant; huge enthusiasm and a spike in the noise levels greeted the whistle for the first race. A series of relays followed, many of them almost too close to call.