Squad Meal Out

meal for all

Friday 03rd Feb 2017 the U13 - U18 Girls and Boys Water Polo teams went to Toby Carvery for a 'squad meal'. This was a nice change for all the students who work so hard in training every week and with all age groups having important National Semi Finals coming up over the next 4 - 6 weeks its going to busy time for them all.

There was a total of 50 of us on Friday evening and the manager and staff at Toby Carvery said it was nice to see so many young people together and how well behaved and mature they were.

List of names below who could attend:

Harriet Walker 11B, Eleanor Groom 11D, Lauren Dixon 11K, Matilda King 11B, Olivia Richards 9E, Sara Steinberg 8D, Ella Stabler8C, Emily Taylor 8B, Amelia Fullerton 8C, Niamh Dolan-Baines 8E, Jennifer Cummins 8E, Lydia King 8H, Abigail Rowe 7G, Alexandra Rowe 7F, Estelle George 7G, Molly Sladen 7G, Dominic Walker12I, Jack Sheehan 12G, Daniel Colehan 12I, Patrick McGrath 11A, Thomas Cokewright 10A, Theo Cokewright 10F, Stefan Giangregorio 10A, Fran Rocchio 10C, Harvey Weston-Beyer 9F, Konstantinos Odiomume 9J, Adam Zdolyny 9D, Yenukua Anarwat 9B, Darwin King 9B, Thomas Doyle 9B, Sam Chewins 9B, Jake Larvin 9A, Ibrahim Naseem 9B, Jacob Slator 9B, Ikenna Obasi 9B, Matthew Sowden 8I, Jastin Barrientos 8I, Daniel Lightowler 8C, Kyle Todd 8J, Jayden Gutman 8C, Charlie Watson 8I, James George 8G, Adam Zurek 8D, Daniel Justovics 8I, Bartlomiej Zbik 8D

Soon we will have to book out the whole place!
Report by Mr M Wright