Resounding Win for Year 10 Football Team

Y10 Team

Queensbury 0 - 8 SBSJ

Match report by man of the match LEWIS MOORHOUSE (right back)

As a whole we all started the game at quite a slow pace. This was all until Jacob Dunn went on a run down the left hand side. He carried on going until he was near the edge of the box when he put his right foot through and the ball went straight into the bottom right of the goal. Their game was just to try and panic our defence by playing balls over the top and try scoring that way. This didn’t work for them once. That was basically the whole of the first half.

Then Mr Hannan called us in to have a talk at half time, he brought Lewis Moorhouse off because he got hurt at the end of the first half. He then brought Harris Sheikh in Lewis’ position. At this time the game was still 1-0 to St Bede’s. At the start of the second half our game was lifted and we were dominating our opposition. Then we had a break away involving Alex Gibson, Theo Cokewright and Hamas Khan. Theo Cokewright finally put in our second goal. Then Queensbury had the ball for a while until Alex Gibson had a chance to run down the wing and head towards goal. At this point he had already gone past 3 players but he wanted the goal so he ran into the box and got taken down. A penalty was given. Alex Gibson stepping up and taking the penalty. He placed it straight into the bottom right of the goal. Queensbury kicked the game off once again and we were straight back on the attack with Theo Cokewright slotting in his second of the game. Once again they started the game off and they were playing the ball over the top once again. Queensbury had quite a lot of chances in the game but just couldn’t manage to put them away but Theo Cokewright could, with yet again putting it past the keeper to score his third of the game. Queensbury were once again passing the ball around and trying to get passed our defence, but yet again they could not put the ball away. Joe Foulds played the ball down the middle of the pitch with a big throw, where Cameron Brewster played a ball behind Queensbury’s defence and Theo added his 4th of the game. The ball was in play once again and Theo stepped up to knock in his 5th of the game. There was one minute left of the game and we thought the game was over until Jack Savage went crazy and ran past everyone who was in front on him to charge into the box to put away our 8th of the game. Queensbury kicked off and then the final whistle went and the game was over.

Managers Thoughts:

An average 1st half followed by a great 2nd half, in difficult conditions. Cokewright will take the plaudits for his 5 goal haul, however, the real moments of magic came from Gibson and Moorhouse. Gibson showing tremendous control and agility to evade tackles on a tricky surface and Moorhouse was tenacious in the tackle and efficient with his distribution all game.

A satisfactory start to our title defence. Mr A Hannan