Memorial Mass

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On Friday 10 March, we celebrated our annual Memorial Mass for students and staff who have died over recent years. The mass is an opportunity for our community to come together to remember and to celebrate the lives of our dear loved ones, some of whom were taken from us far too soon.

Our special guests for the commemoration were the families and friends of those whom we now trust rest in the loving arms of our creator. It is always a great privilege to welcome them back to our school year on year for this most special of days. The ties that bind us are real and strong - because of our cherished memories, our treasured faith, and the love that hurts so much because of their absence from us, but at the same time, fills our hearts to the brim and overflows into eternity.

To our Year 12 who celebrated mass with us - thankyou for your prayers and for the dignity of your worship which we are sure was such a support to the families and friends. And to Fr Sean - your message of hope gives us consolation and strength as we continue to face the days ahead with the memories of our loved ones held secure in our hearts and safe in the providence of God who will wipe way all tears from our eyes and make all things new.

For our past students:
Gavin Terry
Roberto Marcuccio
Michael Lesniarek
Matthew Douglas
Daniel Hague
Donovan O’ Brien
Chris Neesham
Hasan Jabbaar
Ashton Oates
Stacey Jagger

For our staff:
Mark Kelly
Sarah Donnison
Kathryn Wilkins
Kath Gittins
Sharon Deegan
Kathleen Redmond

Lord, of your mercy, grant to all of them an everlasting resting place with you in heaven.