Music Students Meet The BBC Philharmonic


Music students in Y10-13 were invited to visit the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra at their studio at Media City, Salford to meet the Orchestra and hear them perform.  The BBC Phil are a world-renowned orchestra and performed Sibelius Symphony 7 under the baton of Finnish Conductor John Storgårds.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the performance and were treated to an explanation of how all the instruments worked.


This is what they had to say about their experience: “I enjoyed how they showed you could take everyday objects and play music through them”. Matthew Brumfitt, Y10.
“I had never heard Sibelius before and it was played flawlessly.” Amy Eden, Y10.
 “We had the chance to see how music can be pursued as a profession.” Josh Chima, Y10.
“I enjoyed being able to see all the people in an orchestra because when I usually hear an orchestra it is on the radio so you don’t get to feel the hum of the music which especially in classical music makes it more enjoyable. It also amazed me how many people were a part of the Orchestra and could all follow the conductor so perfectly. It also perplexed me how the conductor knew what everybody was doing and could control them all.”