Year 7 Netball Team

Our year 7 netball teams played in their first league game against Hanson. Both our teams had previously played Hanson in the Winter Schools Games just before the holidays and they have worked incredibly hard to improve their netball and that has paid off.


A Team-  they started off strong with Elin Harrison scoring 2 quick goals.  The defence was so strong with Emilia Overend and Stephanie Miller blocking everything that came near them Katie Monaghan (GK) touched the ball once in the 1st half.  The girls continued to attack with near misses from Haven Grace Antonio.  By half time they were 3-0 up and the goal for the second half was for more of the same.  The girls did not disappoint as Elin managed to score 2 more goals to leave the final score at 5-0.  All the girls played incredibly well and have made such improvements from this first tournament, next week they face UAK from Keighley and if they beat them they have won the league.

Elin Harrison, Katie Monaghan, Lucy Hinchcliffe, Emilia Overend, Estelle George, Stephanie Miller, Haven Grace Antonio


B Team- most of these students didn't play in the tournament earlier in the year so this was their first ever game of netball.  By this point we had been moved out of the sportshall so the girls had to battle against the wind, making shooting especially difficult for Hijah Thomas and Jessica Ukandu.  They soon settled into their game and started to mark closely and defend the shots at goal well; Melissa Kalantzi and Molly Sladen getting into the swing of defending quickly.  A couple of missed shots by us gave us the confidence to keep going and try again.  By half time the score was 0-0 and the girls were hungry to get a goal.  Unfortunately in the last minute of the game Hanson scored twice to leave the final score 2-0.  The girls have learnt a lot from this game and are ready to use these skills when they play UAK next week.

Hijah Thomas, Myah Alam, Jessica Whitaker, Jessica Ukandu, Shanice Reilly, Molly Sladen, Melissa Kalantzi, Nicole Hurran