Great Reviews for School Production

group photo

Our fantastic students have once again given us a fantastic performance of what is a very complex musical to perform ‘Les Miserables’ school edition.

This is what the judges from Wharfedale Festival of Theatre had to say after attending on Thursday evening.

“This was a real team effort, with complete commitment and dedication from every cast member. Every single one of you clearly understood the different facets of the story and the messages its creators were trying to convey. The production was full of energy throughout. You used the whole hall well, making some entrances from the back and through the audience to great effect. You do love a challenge and every year your productions take a step up. This one was no exception, and there were some very moving moments. You should all – actors and backstage team, students and teachers alike - take great pride in the standard you achieved. This is a very tough show to do and you succeeded with your production of it. 

Well done, and thank you for a very enjoyable evening of youth theatre.”

I would add myself how proud I am of the whole cast and crew. It really was a very challenging show as the review acknowledges, but the cast pulled together tremendously and were true professionals throughout. Mrs Voller