Year 7 Diploma Games Week 3


It was the third diploma games on the 17th of March. Last week was the spelling challenge where the teams were given 16 words which they had to spell. 

One student from 7C said “Originally I was very nervous and so was the rest of my team but once we started, it was easier than expected and of course lots of fun!” Most questions were for 1 point but there were 4 bonus questions that were even harder. 

After everyone was finished, the sheets were handed in and the scores calculated and the winner…? 7E. Well done for getting full marks!!!

So, with these results, 7C are now 1st on the leader board since getting 38 points out of a possible 41 in spelling and 7J are 2nd after getting 39 points. 

Report by Lilian Bingham 7J of the SBSJ Student News Crew

league table week 3