Year 9 Ampleforth Retreat

Retreat poster

Y9 Ampleforth Retreat for Forms 9A to 9E:  15-17 May
Y9 Ampleforth Retreat for Forms 9F to 9J:  17-19 May

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We are delighted to be able to offer students in Year 9 the opportunity of a Residential Retreat at Ampleforth Abbey. This retreat take place from Monday 15 May to Wednesday 17 May 2017 for students in 9A-E and from Wednesday 17th May- Friday 19th May for students in 9F-9J. This Y9 Ampleforth Retreat will be led by Fr Bede who is based there; Fr Bede is a great and wise man who has lots of experience of working with students across the whole of the North of England. He helps to provide a wonderful experience that will be invaluable at this important time in your son’s / daughter’s life as they prepare for the transition to the Ardor site. We have been taking students to Ampleforth for many years and without exception they have all come back having had a fabulous 48 hours away.  

The cost of the Retreat has been reduced to £80 in order to help encourage as many students as possible to take part in this brilliant opportunity: This includes return travel, all board and meals, insurance, and use of the facilities at Ampleforth. 

In line with school policy, students eligible for Pupil Premium have school visits subsidised by 25%.  This reduces the cost to £60.  Please speak to the RE Team, Mrs Hymas, Mr Rhodes or Mr Copley for further clarification if needed. 

Our retreat programme is at the heart of the Catholic provision we have in school to help your son/daughter grow spiritually and personally. A retreat provides them with some time away from the hectic pace of life back in school. It is a time to step back, refresh, reflect on the important issues that young people face, question and most importantly have fun with their friends.