Cross Country Event

The first ever cross country event was held at Ardor, 4 schools had entered across 4 different race categories.  U11 boys/girls had to complete 2 laps of the course which totalled 2km whilst U9 boys/girls completed 1 lap at 1km.  The course included 2 hills, 1 downhill section and a variety of surfaces including gravel, tarmac and grass.  Well done to all the teams that took part St Josephs Bingley U11 Boys and U9 boys winners, St Winefrides U11 Girls winners, St Marys & St Peters and St John the Evangelist U9 Girls Winners.

All the students ran a fantastic race with some very impressive times.

U11 Boys
1st Place- 7mins 41 secs (St Josephs Bingley)
2nd place- 7mins 50 secs (St Josephs Bingley)
3rd Place 8mins 5 secs (St Josephs Bingley)

U11 Girls
1st Place- 8mins 50secs (St John the Evangelist)
2nd place- 9mins 18secs (St Winefrides)
3rd Place- 9mins 56 secs (St Winefrides)

U9 Boys
1st Place- 3mins 33 secs (St Josephs Bingley)
2nd Place 3mins 58 secs (St Josephs Bingley)
3rd Place 4 mins 1 sec (St Josephs Bingley)

U9 Girls
1st Place- 4mins 29 secs (St John the Evangelist)
2nd Place 4mins 38 secs (St John the Evangelist)
3rd Place- 4 mins 57 secs (St John the Evangelist)

Click here to download souvenir brochure.