Kwik Cricket Tournament for Primary Students


On a Monday afternoon in May six of our feeder primary schools attended a Cricket Festival at SBSJ Ardor. They were St Johns the Evangelist, St Winefrides, St Joseph (Bradford), St Joseph (Bingley), St Clares and St Cuthbert's.

The format of the afternoon was Kwik Cricket so every child would have a chance to bat, bowl and field and play a minimum of 2 matches throughout the festival.

St Cuthberts, St Joseph (Bingley) and St Clares all played in one group with St Joseph (Bradford), St Winefrides and St Johns contested the other group. 

The teams were all set and played 2 games each. We saw some very good batting, fielding and bowling and may even havewitnessed the next ‘Freddie Flintoff’ in themaking.

At the end of the day the teams total runs were calculated to determine the final score. Though many of thematches had been close an over all winner emerged.