Primary School Transition Visits

Primary visit

Over the past few weeks our transition team consisting of staff and some year 7 students have been going to visit each of our 15 Catholic feeder schools. Our year 7 students were very excited about going to visit their old school, seeing some of their old teachers and school friends.

The visit was split into 2 sessions.  In the first session our students delivered a presentation to the children about St Bede’s and St Joseph’s and the wonderful things that go on at ‘big’ school. Their presentation involved showing photographs of the different classrooms and the canteen area that the new students would be using once they came.  Next they gave information about the school buses,  the year 7 retreat, all the co-curriculum activities that are available on at lunch and after school and finally about our SBSJ uniform.  The Year 6 students were a fantastic audiences, listening well and asking very useful questions about things that happen at SBSJ.

primary visit2

The second session involved the teams working with the Year 5 class. In this session the students  were introduced to the SBSJ learning muscles. The tasks were to build a bridge to carry a ping pong ball, or to write  a short story of Who killed Freddie divine’ (our current Key Stage 3 show). Students were put in to groups with each group having to show elements of all 6 learning muscles, especially creative and teamwork. The students demonstrated excellent teamwork skills, making some very creative bridges and coming up with some excellent creative short stories about ‘Who killed Freddie divine’.

primary visit3

It has been a real joy, going into the primary schools and seeing some of the lovely children, teachers and brilliant displays. It has also been a  privilege to be able to take some of the year 7 students back to their primary school and listening to the primary school teachers as they commenting on how big they have grown and how confident they had become.

 Our year 7 students spoke very confidently to the Year 6 students and were excellent ambassadors for the school.
Mr J Walsh Head of Year 7