Cadet Water Polo Competition

cadet competition

Tuesday 13th we were given the honour of hosting  the Under 12 English Schools 'Cadet' Water Polo Competition - Northern Round on our Ignis site.  Our year 7 boys and girls had been working hard all year and were looking forward to this competition.

The idea of the competition is to let those that haven’t yet had an opportunity in year 7 and 8 to represent their school in any of this year’s previous English Schools Competitions. There were over 50 students from 3 schools and there was great enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown all through the afternoon.

The SBSJ teams were made up of all year 7 students and finished 3rd and 5th, which I’m really proud of. They performed against some older and clearly more experienced players. Even though the games were tough, we never gave in and everyone kept working for each other and had a smile on their faces. They have another round coming up in a couple of weeks, which I know everyone is still looking forward to playing. Well done to all involved! 
Click here for full breakdown of match scores.
Match report by Mr M Wright, Coach 

Final Positions
1st Ambrose St
2nd St Ambrose
3rd SBSJ Turtles    
4th Turton
5th SBSJ Sharks