Grenfell Tower Appeal

Form 10AF

Form 10AF

Following the horrific news about the Grenfell Tower disaster our students were keen to help in any way possible. It was decided that a collection would be held on the Friday across the school. This resulted in a cheque for over £600 being raised.

10AF wanted to see if there was anything else that could be done and immediately contacted the international Human Relief Foundation based in Bradford to ask what was needed. Clothes, toiletries, toys, bedding and towels were asked for.  Our school community gathered an overwhelming amount of goods.  

8X1 wrote letters of support to the families and these were included in ‘special small TTT lidded boxes’ (specifically for families with new Toiletries, Towels and Toys). Staff from the Human Relief team were full of praise for our students. The donations were evidence of a school community who truly care for others at a time of great need.

As there was a massive response nationally for the residents at Grenfell Towers, not all the goods donated were required by them so some of the clothing was donated to CHAS @ St Vincents to support local people who are in need.