National Pool Lifeguard Qualifications

life guard training 1

Last week saw 8 girls from years 11/12 complete the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification here at school.

The qualification is a 36 hour course with a final external assessment at the end, which all the girls completed and passed with 100% to their names.

The qualification covers 3 sections:

1: The Lifeguard and The Law, Swimming Pool Hazards and Control Measures and Supervision

2: Intervention, Rescue and Emergency Action plan

3: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, AED and First Aid

With this qualification the girls could now seek part time employment whilst continuing their studies. More importantly they have learnt some very important life skills.

Well done to the girls.   Maria McDermott, Iram Ishaq, Harriet Walker, Matilda King, Lauren Dixon, Eleanor Groom, Jessica Chewins and Lucie Phipps.

life guard training 2