Turton Tri-Tournament Winners

Below are the results of Wednesday 12th July’s Water Polo Tri-Tournament held at Turton School, Bolton.

The competition comprised of 3 schools with Turton hosting along with Canon-Slade, who are another Bolton based school and St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College. All 3 schools entered a team in the U13 age group (year 7 and 8) and a team in the under 16 age group (year 9 – 11). Each team in their respective age groups played everyone twice and the team with the most points wins.

St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College won both age groups.


The U16 team won all 4 matches played, scoring 19 goals and only conceding 1! The most pleasing thing was how dominant we were even though we went with a far younger team. Although we were technically and tactically superior to Turton and Canon-Slade who perhaps aren’t as experienced to the level of Water Polo as ourselves, the team had to overcome the size, speedand power of the older opposition players. It is fair to say that are our players were roughed up at times, especially when the referee wasn’t looking and I was really proud how all the players responded, which was in the correct sporting manner. This different type of experience will only help the team to grow and improve for next year which is a big one for this particular group of players.

U16 Results

SBSJ  5 – 0  Canon-Slade – Player of the Match – Jake Larvin
SBSJ4 – 0  Turton – Player of the Match – Sam Chewins
SBSJ6 – 0  Canon-Slade – Player of the Match – Yenukua Anarwat
SBSJ4 – 1  Turton – Player of the Match – Adam Zdolyny
Referee’s Player of Tournament – Darwin King


The U13 team won their first 3 matches and narrowly lost their final match to Canon-Slade bringing both ourselves and Canon-Slade level on points but due to our superior goal difference we finished top of the table. The standard of Water Polo was much better from the opposing schools in their younger age groups however, our tactical organisation and skill level was too much for both schools. We went with a team dominated with our ‘2017 U13 Girls English Schools Finalists’ as well as the ‘powerhouse’ Jastin Barrientos who scored 11 of our 20 goals and three debutants at this age group in Tamara Markey, Dane Simora and Miguel Arevalo. With this mix of experience and three players hungry to impress it set us up well for the whole tournament.

U13 Results

SBSJ6 – 1  Turton – Player of the Match – Niamh Dolan-Baines
SBSJ  4 – 0  Canon-Slade – Player of the Match – Tom Doyle (Tom willingly accepted to step in due to the U13 keeper becoming unavailable at the last minute)
SBSJ8 – 1  Turton – Player of the Match – Amelia Fullerton
SBSJ2 – 3  Canon-Slade – Player of the Match – Lydia King
Referee’s Player of Tournament – Jastin Barrientos

Well done to all involved! A brilliant way to finish off the season.

Darwin King 9B, Sam Chewins 9B, Harvey Weston-Beyer 9F, Adam Zdolyny 9D, Tom Doyle 9B, Jake Larvin 9A, Harriet Walker 11B, Ikenna Obasi 9B, Yenukua Anarwat 9B, Jastin Barrientos 8I, Sara Steinberg 8D, Niamh Dolan-Baines 8E, Ella Stabler 8C, Amelia Fullerton 8C, Lydia King 8H, Tamara Markey 8J, Emily Taylor 8B, Dane Simora 7J, Miguel Arevalo 7J.