Shine Day

What is Shine Day about?

Shine Day is one of the most important days of term. On this day every student takes time to reflect on the work they have achieved throughout the term and must then be truthful to themselves and conclude if they are happy with what they have achieved or if they feel they may have been able to improve. 

Irina Osei and Eli Gnarazan.

Irina Osei and Eli Gnarazan.

Shine Day for Year 7

As part of the Year Diploma, Year 7 were set an Olympia challenge to fill their Olympia Bingo Card, attending over 15 co-curriculum activities in the final half term before we broke up for Christmas. We had over 100 students achieve this challenge. We had the draw on Shine Day. 

What do we do on Shine Day?
By Irina Osei 7B

We start with our Illuminate session where we receive our progress report data. We reflect on our progress so far in all subjects and our participation in the Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma. This is a great opportunity for us to set targets for the next term and remind ourselves on how we can contribute to Ecclesia and Olympia strands of our diploma. I have passed both of mine this term!

After lunch, we have our Shine Assembly! This is where we receive our special awards and certificates. It is always a great atmosphere and a big celebration! We get awards for our contribution to Ecclesia, Olympia & Scholastica and also find out which forms have the most achievement points and best attendance- it can get very competitive!

Shine assembly was my favourite part as Mr Walsh & Miss Rollings launched a form tutor challenge where each form tutor had to compete to win points for their form- there was lots of cheering and clapping as 7E’s form tutor was the first one to roll a ping pong ball down into a hole on a narrow stick! 7G and 7I’s form tutors also managed to win points for their form!

After assembly, it was our turn to compete against other forms in competitive challenges! These challenges included designing costumes out of newspaper, origami, quizzes and lots more! The winners of the challenges win points for their form and Mr Walsh and Ms Rollings total the points and announce the winners!

This Shine Day’s winning form was 7C!

The day was full of many experiences which were all very interesting, the Shine assembly was very energetic and fun, especially when our form tutors were competing!