Enterprise Competition - Live Music Event

St Benedict's sixth form students had the opportunity to organise their own live music event as part of an enterprise competition led by Ahead Partnership and Future Jobs.

Students were set in groups and got to work straight away on naming their team and deciding on who would take on key roles such as project manager, negotiator, finance, marketing and logistics.

Groups presented their ideas to a panel of judges from local businesses and charities.  4 teams were shortlisted with Team Brainstorm coming out victorious. Jubilant celebrations were had by the winning team. Congratulations goes to all the students for taking part in a great competition. The judges were extremely impressed with the original ideas and how the students conducted themselves in a very professional manner during their presentations. 

A huge thank you goes to all the staff at Future Jobs for their time and help in the organisation of the day.  

Team Brainstorm: ( Winners ) Nicole Dywer, Marcin Lazur, Damien Zych, Ayat Nazir, Madeeha bi, Aneeqa Shazard

Team Fund my life: Asim Shabir, Assam Ali, Mohammed  Adil, Nadeem Bashir, Shabaz Mahmood

Team Bubbles: Louise Columbine, Kia Harris, Elise Harrison, Josh Towle

 Team Fantastic 4: Ethan Terry, Lucy Philburn, James Clarkson, Scarlett Munz