St Benedict's in Amsterdam


Over the half term holidays 30 students from St Benedict’s took the coach/ferry to Amsterdam, a city of many temptations. After a long journey, we settled into our very pleasant accommodation for the night.

Day 1,  we took in some of the famous Dutch museums. First stop was the Rijksmusuem, 4 floors of superb history with Juggernaut artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The famous 'I amsterdam'  sign was the highlight for our students with selfies taken from every angle. Nathan Tordoff Wilson took it upon himself to unceremoniously  pose in front and on top of many of the letters to a raucous laughter by fellow tourists. A whistle stop tour of the  modern art exhibition found at the Stedlijk musuem followed and then swiftly on to the delights of Dam Square. The streets were bustling with people, many shoulder to shoulder curious to find what was lurking in the many stores that Amsterdam has to offer. Whilst the students wondered, the staff found a quiet place away from the chaos to sit, chat and sip the exquisite mint and honey tea. An architectural splendour was the description of the Eye Film Museum, despite the best apple strudel served in the cafe, the content inside didn't meet its phenomenal exterior build.


Day 2 and the marathon took centre stage so a brisk walk to the house of Anne Frank was the first port of call. Many of the students still suffering from a battering their feet had taken from the previous day. 'Oh Sir, do we have to walk again? my legs are killing' . Little sympathy from the staff and on we trotted led by Miss Devanney and her handy companion, Google Maps. Sunday mass was observed in the Begijnhof Chapel, the home of a former religious community set up to look after the sick.  As the students took their seats, our school prayer recited  by our head boy Francis Harrison was a nice touch that was commended by the passing public.  The last few hours were spent on canal boats and soaking in the maniac bike culture before heading back to the hotel. A rowdy coach journey back to Bradford ensued and memories we hope that students hold dear for many years to come.

Mr S Hussain