Yr9 Netball team


Last night our Yr9 girls netball team showed great skill in their two matches against UAK and Bradford Academy.

 SBSJ  v  UAK 

The girls started off very nervously and were struggling to link passes together.  UAK got an early lead which actually helped settle the girls and they quickly got one back and then 2 more to take the lead.  At half time we were winning by 1 goal we just had to continue playing like we did towards the end of the first half and we would of secured a win. UAK came out strong and with a quick 1-2 that the girls couldn’t keep up with, despite us scoring another UAK just got the better of us and scored 2 quick goals to win the game. 

SBSJ 2 v 5 Bradford Academy 

This was the strongest side we had come up against and they were very good at playing the long ball, we very quickly went 4-0 down.  Half time couldn’t come quick enough!  A stern word at half time and with a target of scoring 2 and not letting them score another 4 the girls set off and played some of their best netball.  The half time team talk had worked and this time Bradford Academy were struggling to get it into the circle to score (they only managed 1 goal in the second half) .  Our girls kept pushing and advancing into our circle and managed to score 2 goals (which was their target).

Despite 2 losses the girls are looking forward to playing next week in their final 2 games.  Lucy Hinchcliffe was given man of the match by both of the oppositions.  But for me Beth Sykes gets man of the match as her netball has improved so much over the past couple of weeks. 

The team: Melissa Kalantzi, Jessica Garuba, Beth Sykes, Lucy Hinchcliffe, Megan Markey, Kiera Oladipupo, Katie Monaghan.

Report by Coach H Stone