Year 9 Netball Tournament

Last night saw the final 2 games of the year 9B team tournament.   

SBSJ 4  -  3   Feversham 

The girls started off playing well scoring 2 early goals.  Rather than settling the nerves it had the opposite effect and they started playing frantic netball.  Because of this Feversham managed to score 1 before half time.  A Mrs Broadley team talk was under way and gave everyone two tasks to do in the second half.  Pass wide and move more!  We certainly moved more in the second half and we managed to score another 2 goals to take a comfortable lead.  Towards the end of the half we turned back to frantic netball but we managed to hold on to the lead with the last few seconds of the match remaining. 

Man of the match- Jess Garuba

SBSJ 5  - 5 Queensbury 

This second game was a quick turn around and we barely had time to digest the previous game.  Unfortunately this was the game our shooters stopped being able to score, we started off with loads of chances but were unable to find the net.  Queensbury managed to capitalise on the counter and by half time we were losing 4-2.  A motivational team talk was just what the girls needed and they were ready to step into the second half to catch up.  They went out flying and very quickly brought it back to 4-4.  With 3 minutes remaining we snuck another 1 in to take the lead, this was short lived as Queensbury got one back.  With a few missed chances in the last minute the final game ended in a draw. 

Man of the match- Katie Monaghan 

This is the end of the matches for the Year 9B team and I am so proud of their achievement.  Their netball has come on so much over the last 3 weeks and they have worked hard to secure the results.  We now just have a nervous wait to see how we have finished overall.

The team: Beth Sykes, Jessica Ukandu, Jessica Garuba, Katie Monaghan, Megan Markey, Melissa Kalantzi, Hijah Thomas, Kiera Oladipupo.

Report by coach Heather Broadley