School Transport Winter Guidelines

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our parents of the School Bus Guidelines and Severe Weather Guidelines.

These documents can be found/downloaded from our school website.

METRO School transport disruption in the event of bad weather information


Bus operators work hard to maintain their services as circumstances allow, but decisions must be taken by them on health and safety grounds to ensure the wellbeing of their customers and staff. In the event of bad weather, the driver of the vehicle needs to consider whether it is safe to carry out the whole route or part of the route. 

All known service cancellations and disruptions will be posted on the @metrogenm twitter page and on the School service disruption page on the Metro website 

Where services are running, they may be subject to delay or cancellation at short notice as a result of road conditions and traffic congestion caused by the bad weather. Some services will need to keep to the main roads that may be passable but some parts of the route may be missed out. 

Advice for parents and carers during bad weather  

  • In the event of bad weather, parents or carers are advised to visit the Metro website or check the @metrogenm twitter page to find out if their service is running.

  • If pupils live on a minor road, parents or carers should advise them to wait on a main road for a bus as buses may not be able to travel down minor roads that have not been cleared or gritted.

  • For public buses, please also see the Travel disruption page.