Advent - prepare the way of the Lord

On Monday 3 December, the whole school celebrated Advent with prayers, meditations and activities designed to open our hearts for the coming of Christ into our community and into our lives this Christmas.

Beginning in our House Welcome Base, which served as the first prayer station, we then moved around the school to other prayer stations to reflect on different aspects of the Advent season.

We paused to considered what we might learn from people who live in the frozen lands north of the Arctic Circle, whose days, though cold and dark, are yet filled with simple joys, with the warmth and light of community, and with love of neighbour. We used this as an inspiration to contemplate the things that should really matter in our own lives - and we regretted the occasions where we sometimes get our priorities wrong or miss the mark in our relationship with God, others and the environment. We considered some of the saints who we remember and celebrate as jewelled markers on our Advent journey through December, especially St Lucy and St Nicholas. Finally, as a response to all of this, we symbolically offered seeds of hope that we pray will flower into lives truly conformed to Christ - the God who comes to us at Christmas to shed his peaceful light on all mankind.