Generosity from local supermarket


Representative students from 12F went along to Girlington Morrisons and assisted by the lovely Lil on customer service they got to speak to Richard the store manager. The students explained how they were collecting tins for the St Pio’s Friary for the soup kitchen they run to help feed the those struggling to make ends meet, living alone or on the streets and those battling with addiction.

Richard was only too happy to help and immediately doubled the amount the students had collected making it up to £105. With such generosity and the help of Rizwan the Warehouse Co-ordinator we loaded the car up with dozens of cans of soup and spaghetti.

With a loaded car we set off to deliver our goods to St Pio’s Friary. The Fathers were overwhelmed with the generosity and said these would be Immediately put to good use in their soup kitchen.

Delivery to St Pio’s Friary

Delivery to St Pio’s Friary