National Apprenticeship Week 5-9 March 2018


What are apprenticeships?
Find out what students think they know about apprenticeships. It is worth taking time to challenge your assumptions and then deciding whether an apprenticeship could be a valuable first step in your career. Some questions you could ask:

  • What kinds of jobs do apprenticeships lead to?
  • Do apprentices get paid?
  • Do apprentices gain qualifications?
  • Are there different types and levels of apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships you can apply for now:
GSK and BLP Law Firm have vacancies due to close in the coming weeks:
Work Experience (WEX) is a great way to experience life and the work place and see what it truly right for you. It will really help you develop the unstoppable CV. Opportunities are advertised below:

Some additional information can be found within the links below:
Apprenticeships in different industries
Unusual apprenticeships:

Parents and carers can sign up for a free newsletter and resources through the link below:

I will be sharing information with Year 12 and 13 form tutors to run tutorials across the form periods prior to the National Apprenticeship week to ensure students get a head start. Higher level apprenticeships are more competitive than many university opportunities and need to be treated as such. The final links below allow students and parents to compare the two options:

If you have any questions, please get in contact with 6th form or follow the links to the various sites and begin your journey as you look to consider a broad range of options.

Many thanks,

Mr M. McNicholas
Head of 6th Form