Celebrations on St Joseph's Day

For many, Monday 19th March 2018 will be regarded as something of a sad day, but not for those celebrating Mass together on Our Lady’s Hall.  This day marked the one hundred and tenth anniversary of celebrating the feast of St Joseph at Ignis, formerly St Joseph’s College.  It also marked the final occasion where girls who chose to attend St Joseph’s college, and who wear the traditional blue uniforms, celebrated this feast together, as next year SBSJ will be fully co-educational. 


Also in attendance at this Mass were a number of former staff and students from St Joseph’s College including students who attended the College as far back as 1948.  This group of former students included  our own Miss Saville, Mrs Linacre, Mrs Smith and Mrs Buffham-Wheeler, and her mum who is also a former student. Father Gregory spoke about the importance and significance of being a “St Joseph’s girl” and the way that this marks us out as part of something special.

At the end of Mass, during which we sung the school Hymn “In God Alone”, former student and Governor, Patricia Featherstone stood up and led the former students in a great rendition of their old college hymn.  This prompted massive applause from the current students and the generation gap was bridged.

At lunchtime, the girls returned to Our Lady’s Hall and had a community picnic lunch and we had hot chocolate as a treat to mark the feast of our Patron Saint. 

It was truly a St Joseph’s day to remember, and a
reminder of the great heritage that we are part of.   

The following is the reflection written and read by two Y11 girls, Sibgha Arooj and Erin Parker.
“Being able to call ourselves St. Joseph’s girls, is a truly special and honourable name which only we, the last group of St Joseph’s Catholic College, gathered in this hall, will be able to say. My experience here at St Joseph’s has been remarkable”.  

“My 5-year journey has shaped me to be the person I am today with the important qualities and virtues that dwell within me, which I have learnt at this school. So let’s celebrate all of our achievements, our wonderful experiences and how important our legacy is, on this very special day. Thank you – “