St Joseph's Memorabilia

Mary Cooke

I was recently contacted by the son of a former St Joseph's girl Mr P Swift.  Whilst going through his late mothers belongings he had come across a memorial cap and a photo of his mother from when she was a pupil at St Joseph's in October 1934.  Mr Swift had no use for either and was happy to donate them to me for our archives.

The life of former pupil Mary Cooke

Mary married my father in 1942. Jack Swift served in the RAF in North Africa and Italy and became very fond of Italy which in later life my mother came to share.  My father died in 1975.


During the war my mother worked as a ‘Progress Chaser’ at English Electric supervising the production of ‘Dynamometers’ the purpose of which she claimed she was not meant to know but it was going to win the war! I believe the device measured torque in aircraft.

After the war she worked for the GPO whilst raising a family.  She retired in 1986.

Even aged 96 she was living independently in her own flat – she was fiercely independent. She died peacefully in her sleep.
Mr Peter Swift

Many thanks to Mr Swift for the donation of these wonderful items, we are hoping to create a showcase of artifacts such as these for both St Joseph' and St Bede's.  If you have any old memorabilia you would like to donate for our showcase then please contact me, I would love the hear from you.

Mrs M Blythe