Year 7 Diploma Games

halfway scores

Diploma games - Week 1 

Week 1 tower building

Report by Jessica Fullerton

Monday the 19th of February saw the first of the 6 Diploma Games, 5 students from each form came together to compete in a challenge to win their form points. But, who won?

7E were the first to arrive and won their form 5 points before the event even started. The task was to build the tallest tower that could stand up on its own. David from 7B said “Lots of fun and a great team building activity”.

Many different tactics were used, for example: using a box and building it up, one long line (this fell over easily) and in a triangle. The best was the triangle.

Sana from 7I told us “We have tried and the box is stable but we used too much blue tack for one and had non- left. It could have been higher.”

After it had been judged fairly by Mr Walsh and Miss Rollings, 7A were crowned winners, earning their form 20 points.

Diploma games - Week 2

Week 2 of the maths diploma games day. This time all the teacher where looking for resilience. For this challenge you had to complete 3 tasks, fruity sweet, magic square and missing boxes. You would only have 3 attempts at each sheet then an extra shine task to challenge you. As it started 7J didn’t have anyone to participate and there was only 1 person from 7A representing them. For the challenges, 7E and 7F both tied to be first to enter, but overall the winner was 7B. Now some words from the contestants’
Alicianna (7C) “it was hard, but fun”
Niamh (7G) “it was easy but we had to work together”

The Diploma Games – Week 3

Report by Yr 7 News crew

It was the third week of the Diploma Games challenge. It seems that with every week that goes by, the competition gets much tougher as well as tenser. With only 6 out of 10 full forms, some forms were already losing out on points, but it all really came down to the competition.

Then the game had begun. There were points to be won, for every correct word, as well as multiple points for each harder word. All teams worked very well together, all fighting for the top spot. Everybody had their serious faces on. Teams were all quiet, whispering and very secretive.

The spellings given were very challenging however, many students showed lots of resilience and lots of teamwork.

After I had a word with some students, some said:

“It was quite alright.”
“I really didn’t know this spelling.”
“I liked it.”

Over all, it was another Diploma Game gone well.

Still to come: Week 4 Reflection, Week 5 Creativity and Week 6 Teamwork