Yr9 Students Get Creative With Python

During the Spring Term, my year 9 classes have been learning to program with Python.  The students have been encouraged to write code in the script mode, so they can edit, update, debug and reuse their code.  We started by going over coding basics, such as input, output, variables and calculations.  However, once we’d mastered the traditional text based output produced by basic Python it was time to move on to something more creative and visually appealing. Using the turtle graphics module, students have been able to create shapes and explore repeating patterns

Student Lucy Hall said “It was a great way to learn a new skill set”.  “Once you got the hang of it, it’s fun” - Omari Superville. “It taught me lots of things like how to put the turtle in the right place to draw”.

A small number of students worked on the Platinum People Eaters program, a traditional modelling program based on a past GCSE level project.

Alfie Loker

Alfie Loker

Alfie Loker.  Alfie said: “I thought it would be much more fun to ignore the limit of 25 generations, so I experimented with bigger numbers. Try it with 10,000 and see what happens!”.

Any Key Stage 3 student wanting to improve their Python skills is welcome to come to Coding Club, which runs on Wednesday lunch times in Room 12.
Report by Mrs W Russell