Auschwitz Trip


On Friday 13th April Mr. Murray, Mrs. Myers and 26 Yr12 students flew to the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.  As part of the 6th form Auschwitz/Poland trip they had the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of Krakow and Poland, whilst also learning about the Nazi persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Students spent the first day exploring the city of Krakow, learning more about the history and culture of Poland. With the weather proving to be a tropical 24 degrees there was some welcome relief and shade as students visited the many exquisite cathedrals, art galleries, museums and churches. Students also spent time visiting the stunning Wawel Castle and explored Europe's largest Medieval market square. Year 12 went off to discover some places to have their evening meal, with some students not looking much further than McDonalds! 


On Day 2 we began to learn about the Jewish history of Krakow. We visited the Remah Synagogue, a place of pilgrimage for European Jews. We also began to look at the persecution of Jews when Poland fell under Nazi occupation. In the afternoon we visited Plaszow concentration camp and Auschwitz 1. A very sobering visit to these historical sites culminated in a very thought provoking debrief about the lessons of the Holocaust in today's society and the ways we remember the Holocaust.

On our final day we visited the extermination camp at Auschwitz Birkenau. Students learnt in more depth about the mass murder of the Jews at Birkenau and a short memorial was held to remember the victims. After Birkenau we returned to the airport to fly home. The students were absolutely brilliant, thoughtful, considerate and enthusiastic. It was a very memorable experience for all involved and on behalf of the History department we would like to thank the students for their conduct and the staff for supporting such a powerful experience.

Mr J Murry