May Procession

We are in May, and May is the month in honour of Our Lady.

On Friday 11 May, on a lovely sunny afternoon, the whole of year 7 had their annual May Procession in honour of Our Lady.

The service started in Our Lady’s Hall, singing Marian hymns and each form group walked in procession out into the sunshine. On their Procession route, under blossom filled trees, they watched Y9 Faith in Action students enact the five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. While walking between these tableaux, the Y7 students sang the hymn ‘Immaculate Mary’, waving their flags to the words of ‘Ave, Ave, Ave Maria’.

Y7 form groups then returned to Our Lady’s Hall, where the service was still continuing.

Our statue of Our Lady was then carried into the hall, strewn with blossom as we sang ‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’ and then crowned as the whole hall sang ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’, waving flags and strips of blue cloth and smiling with enjoyment.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria
Chris Copley
Lay Chaplain